Build industry class software with some of the brightest minds in tech.


Learn in an environment with dedicated mentorship and a passionate leadership team.


Work hard, play hard. Experiment with new tech. Break things. Love what you build.

Rockstars need apply

Cliché term? Maybe, but we're always looking for the best of the best to join the Stackfolio Team to take our development to rockstar heights.

Full stack developer? Software engineer? Designer? Intelligent individual? Yes, please.

Learn. Be inspired.

Stackfolio is mentored and backed by some of the brightest minds,

Pav(leen) Thukral

Hackathon enthusiast, passionate researcher, and strong believer that if we use technology the right way, we can solve any problem.

Omar Esposito

A business leader with a track record of building lasting relationships with and strategic solutions for executives at financial institutions across the country.

Jalaj Patidar

A professional developer turned data scientist, Jalaj has a passion for both statistics/artificial intelligence and building pipelines; a hard combination to find.

Allen Nance

Unemployable entreprenuer, technology fanatic, and proven fast growth leader.

Paul Judge

Solving problems, building companies, chasing dreams.